Tiger Prawns


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Tiger prawns cooked to maintain the optimal level of juiciness and flavour

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Small, Large

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Jasmine Rice, Brown Rice, Coconut Turmeric Rice +$2, Buckwheat Soba Noodles +$2, Mixed Quinoa +$2, Cauliflower Corn Rice +$2, Salad Only +$2

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Mixed Baby Leaves, Baby Spinach, Super Kale, Charred Broccoli

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Teriyaki (V VG GF), Spicy Mayo (V GF), Creamy Roasted Sesame (V), Korean Honey BBQ (V GF), Shoyu (V VG GF), Tamarind Lime Garlic (V VG GF), Warm Cashew Satay (V VG GF), Spicy Caramel Ginger (GF), Yuzu Vinaigrette (VG GF), Sweet Miso (V VG GF)