Special Japanese Food

You’ve seen those amazing food pictures of Japan on Instagram, and you can almost smell the deliciousness, but are they really that special? What does their cuisine have that others don’t? When choosing catering for your next event, why not consider hiring a modern Japanese catering service?

Japanese cuisine is a culinary art form with nods to the past and modern touches. Every dish is a combination of texture, colour, and flavour. It’s thoughtfully prepared with carefully chosen ingredients for their seasonality and quality. You’ll notice that despite having very few ingredients, each dish is packed full of flavour–which is no coincidence.

In Japan, flavours and ingredients are carefully balanced to bring out the best in each other. This is known as ‘umami’ or the fifth basic taste found in certain foods like soy sauce, miso, seaweed, and mushrooms. It’s a salty-savoury flavour that has been perfected over centuries of Japanese cuisine. Keep reading to learn more about what makes Japanese food special.

Key Elements That Make Japanese Food Special

When it comes to the world of international cuisine, few countries can rival Japan. Japan’s myriad flavours and textures, this country has developed a unique culinary tradition that is as varied and complex as its culture. Here are just a few of the elements that make Japanese food so special:


The use of seasonal ingredients is fundamental to Japanese cuisine. Each ingredient has its own unique flavour, which is carefully balanced with the others in any given dish.


As mentioned earlier, Japanese dishes are often quite simple. However, despite the complexity of its flavours, Japanese food often relies on minimal ingredients to make it truly special. The simplicity of its dishes also allows for a greater appreciation of individual ingredients.


Japanese cuisine is all about freshness. Ingredients are only used when they are at the peak of their flavour and texture, ensuring that each dish is as delicious as it can possibly be. This is why Japanese chefs will often prepare food right before serving to ensure maximum freshness.

You may also notice that Japanese food often looks as good as it tastes. This is because the presentation is an important part of Japanese cuisine, with dishes artfully arranged to create a visually appealing plate.

Special Japanese Food


Japanese cuisine is incredibly diverse, with a wide range of dishes that all offer something unique. From traditional finger foods such as sushi and tempura to modern ramen and fusion dishes, you’ll never be bored with Japanese cuisine.

Respect for Nature

The Japanese have a deep respect for nature and its bounty. This is reflected in their approach to cooking and eating, with a reverence for the ingredients that come from the land. Most of the time, the ingredients are left untouched in their natural state, allowing the diner to savour the true flavour of each ingredient.


Japanese chefs take pride in their presentation. Every dish is carefully crafted with thought and care, ensuring that all elements complement one another for an eye-catching result. Aside from the explosion of flavours, there is also a visual feast to be enjoyed.

Final Thoughts

The rich flavour, one-of-a-kind ingredients, and meticulous presentation are just some of the reasons why Japanese cuisine is so special. Its combination of simplicity and complexity makes for an unforgettable culinary experience that will leave you wanting more.

Whether you’re planning a small party or a big event, Nosh will make sure that your guests have the very best in Japanese cuisine. With highly experienced chefs who are passionate about their craft and have meticulous attention to detail, Nosh will make sure that every plate is a work of art. If you’re looking for an unforgettable culinary and catering experience, you’re in the right place. 

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