Important Things About Ordering Corporate Catering

Are you in charge of managing the food for your company’s next corporate event? Do you feel unsure of what to consider when choosing a corporate catering service? Managing the food requirements of a group of people, during a company lunch or a big corporate event, can be quite a challenge. To help make your work easier, read below for a breakdown of some of the main factors to consider, available catering options, and some tips on how to pick the right food for your upcoming corporate event.   

1). General Factors 

Gathering Size

The best way for you to decide on the amount of food to order is to determine the size of the group under consideration. As such, you need to determine the number of people that will be in attendance before ordering any food. This way, you can be sure that there won’t be any shortage or wastage of food at the end of the event.  

Expected Attendees 

In addition to knowing the number of people who will be in attendance, you should also have a good idea of who is attending. When ordering corporate catering, you need to have a clear idea of any dietary restrictions and allergies. With that in mind, you will be able to provide tasty, healthy, and safe food for all your expected guests. 


It is important to keep your budget in mind when ordering corporate catering. To have a clear idea of the costs involved in the process, it is recommended that you ask the caterer to provide you with a breakdown of all the costs included in their quote. 

If you have a limited budget, consider informing the caterer beforehand to see whether they can come up with a customised menu for your event. Good corporate catering companies can customise their catering packages to your requirements and budget with ease.  

2). Catering Style Options 

You need to specify your preferred catering style option when ordering corporate catering. There are many different catering options available. Your choice is mainly dependent on the budget, the number of guests, and the nature of the event under consideration. Some of the main catering style options include individual lunchboxes, finger foods and snacks, breakfast catering, and buffet catering. 

Important Things  About Ordering Corporate Catering

3). Picking The Food  

For a successful corporate event, you need to pick the right food and drinks. 

Food Choices 

As previously mentioned, make sure that you consider any dietary restrictions and allergies of attendees when picking food items for your corporate event. Be sure to provide a variety of vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free options. All these options should be plated separately and labelled clearly. 

You should also make sure that you pick food items that are light and easy to eat. This will help keep guests from feeling too full after the meal.  


Remember to keep your guests hydrated by offering a variety of beverages. Some common options here may include coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol, juice, and water. The nature and timing of your event will help you choose the most suitable selection of beverage for your event. 

Final Thoughts 

An outstanding presentation and impressive food in terms of overall quality and taste are essential when it comes to the food you want to be served at an important corporate event. For this, you will need an experienced corporate catering company. Such a caterer should have an established and reliable system of producing quality food and serving it to a group of guests. 

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